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`+/` ooooooooo-                  .+ooooooo+ `/o.        
  ./+oooooooo`      -://///-      `+oooooo+++:`         
    `-+oooooo       :oooooo/       +ooooo+:.            
       `-/ooo+.      `-//:`      .+ooo/:.               
           .:+o+:-`          `.:+o+:.                   

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I've been in bitcoin since the gpu mining days and never found an easier way to purchase than Shakepay. And you can use it as a wallet as well. Excellent service, recommended

@shakepay 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 Give it a try and you won't regret it! Great customer service as well! A must-have for all Canadians!

bought my first part of a bitcoin ever in canada using shakepay. was really easy. user friendly.

I created an account, e-transferred money and was owning ETH in minutes. It removes alot of headaches compared to what i'm used to. Other than being crazy fast and simple...it's cheap! I could not believe it.

Can confirm, just had great user experience. I registered, sent funds from my bank account to website to my cold storage in ~1 hour. 👍🙏👌

Shakepay is unreal. Great app. Great services. Great support. Low fees.

Can’t believe it. I’d buy diapers and cars from Shakepay if they sold them. I wish they’d start a dating app as I’m sure I’d meet my wife in no time.

Thanks guys!

Shakepay is amazing - no, I don't work for them, and no, I'm not providing an affiliate link. E-Transfer is super convenient and my funds have always hit my Shakepay account within 5 minutes.

Shakepay is also the easiest on-ramp IMO as well. Usually E-transfers take minutes to appear in your account. The whole process from Bank > Shakepay > Wallet the last time was literally 30 Minutes from the time I sent the E-Transfer. 10 / 10 would use Shakepay again.

Shakepay!!! Been using them since September. I get my btc and eth almost instantly. They accept interact e-transfer with automatic bot system.


Amazing team, easy to use, friendly app... and the most important is I got my money within 1 hour.

Best option to buy BTC in Canada. Lowest fee and fastest eTranfer option available too.

This saved me $$.

I was paying $10 USD to buy BTC with my Visa, I had no idea I could do it for free with this app. I love it! I’m recommending it to all of my friends.

Yep, shakepay is the way to go in Canada now.

Meilleur service au Canada. Les frais sont bas et tout est hyper simple.

Shakepay is solid & quick.

Shakepay. Been using them for a couple months and it’s great. Super simple and fast and accepts interact e transfer.

Shakepay, no doubt. You can deposit and withdraw via e transfer with them. Their app has improved a lot, the customer service is amazing, and the best part is you don't need a computer so you can fund your wallets from anywhere.

To every Canadian that used @QuadrigaCoinEx is a big learning experience. I would recommend @shakepay and then move to @LedgerHQ.

I think Shakepay is the new best option, and I have multiple people who have confirmed real quick CAD withdrawals back to their accounts as well.

The best app for buying and selling cryptocurrency I've ever used. Funded my account with $250 via Interac e-transfer to test out Shakepay first. It was so easy I had the Bitcoins in my hardware wallet in under 10 minutes.

Fastest, no hassle, easiest way to buy Crypto in Canada. Shakepay. Also FinTrac registered.

Shakepay is great. Fast, low fees

Finally used @shakepay to buy some $eth to transfer to @binance to get more $link . It is waaaaay better than coinbase and way cheaper than coinsquare. #canada #montreal #crypto $btc

Underrated app!

Amazing customer service, replied to me on a weekend in less than 10 minutes in regards to verification. Easy deposit as well as withdrawal and transferring from BTC to CAD. Super satisfied, the best app on the market for Canadians and Bitcoin!

Clean, simple, fast. At the time I installed this app, there was no web interface for transferring funds out of your shakepay account. I was pleased to find a well designed app that was intuitive to use!

No issues, fastest I have used. Recommend without hesitation.

What I’ve been waiting for.

Email transfer is automatic and quick.
Instantly convert CAD to BTC and send to a wallet. Puts things like flexepin and bitcoin atm as a thing of the past.

Easily convert bitcoin back to CAD and send back to your bank in email transfer.

A dream come true

WAY better than anything else i have ever used. I haven't requested withdrawal through e-transfer yet, but I assume the best with a first class operation like these guys. Everything I have done so far has been flawless and low fees to boot.

Easy peasy. Lemon squeezy. So fast, so easy, so cheap (in the fees).

My new go-to crypto buying app

Simple, easy to use, cheap, and great for Canadians to buy BTC or ETH. Highly recommended!

Super simple, reliable, user friendly, cheap, instant withdrawal, fast deposit, Perfect for casuals.

Best app for canadians! So fast and crush the competition

Very smooth and fast

It’s a huge relief as a Canadian to be able to buy BTC smoothly and efficiently! the Support team is awesome also:)

Awesome! Fast and great support to get set up.

Wow @shakepay!! What an awesome app providing a super easy way to buy BTC in Canada using interac e-transfer. From initiating the transfer to BTC in my wallet was less than 1.5 hours. And SUPER CHEAP!

Easy signup and KYC.. prompt responses and lightening quick processing times... very reasonable fees...

Awesome app quick and easy to buy cryptocurrency. Very attractive trade fees comparing to other service providers. Highly recommended!

Awesome app and company

By far the best way to buy BTC in Canada. Fast, easy and reliable.

Easy to use, very happy with the service

5 stars I’ve been looking for a company that offer this kind of service. And they are AMAZING. Their e-transfer is within few hours. And the most important thing is their support, it’s very good and fast. Good job Shakepay

Quick, convenient and simple.

For Canadian Users: Highly recommend using @shakepay for Buying and Selling Bitcoin and Ethereum. It's fast and easy. Fast as in like within a few hours transfer! Been using it for a while now. Best option in the Canadian market!

@shakepay is the best crypto co. in Montreal and it really isn’t even close

Amazing App

This is the app that crypto needs for wider adoption. Very easy to use and the easiest way to deposit FIAT and buy Bitcoin that I’ve found in Canada. Customer service has been great and app runs very smooth. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a fast fiat on ramp!

Wow Shakepay is great! I have successfully e-transferred money onto Shakepay and bought Bitcoin. It took about an hour :)

Just plain works. E transfers are almost immediate.

I live in Canada too and I use Shakepay, great service and fast deposits/withdrawals tbh. Check them out @shakepay

I really like Shakepay. To me, their biggest advantage is that they provide something that most crypto providers lack: service.

Amazingly simple app with amazing support.